April 2018

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Head east with Waterloo SCIA
'Roots not Iron' project wraps up
Forage Masters competition now open

Waterloo SCIA plans summer bus trip

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Roots Not Iron project wraps up


With the resurgence in interest in cover crops and the hashtag #rootsnotiron trending on Twitter, Heartland Region partnered with Thames Valley SCIA to conduct a "Roots Not Iron' applied research project, funded by OSCIA's Tier 1 grant program. This 3-year applied research project wrapped up earlier this year, and the final report is now available (PDF).


2018 Forage Masters Competition now open

The Ontario Forage Masters is a competition promoting excellence in the growing, harvesting and storage of forages by acknowledging outstanding producers that employ winning management practices.

For those who were familiar with the previous competition, the changes introduced with the new product will be immediately detected. Participants now will complete a self-assessment (on-line or hard copy) comprised of three modules. There are forty-five detailed descriptions in all. Rank the forage management practices currently used on your farm for each of the statements with “best,” “good” or “needs improvement.”

This is an assessment of the farm’s forage management practices, and not necessarily those of a specific field. A summary of your rankings are forwarded to the OSCIA office in Guelph where they will be evaluated and scored. The top three scores in each OSCIA Region will be awarded prizes. Regional first-place winners will be invited to the OSCIA Annual Conference to compete in the speaking competition to determine the overall Provincial Forage Master Champion.

Two ways to participate :
1. Online Enter your responses via the online self-assessment and submit them electronically to OSCIA before July 15, 2018.
2. On paper Download a PDF copy of the Self Assessment Package or obtain one from your regional Director or RCC. Complete and submit by mail to the OSCIA Guelph Office by July 15, 2018.




Upcoming OSCIA Workshops: Growing Your Farm Profits, Environmental Farm Plan, Biosecurity Workshop (PDF)

July 4-5: Southwestern Ontario Crop Diagnostic Days, Ridgetown Campus, University of Guelph

July 10-12: Waterloo SCIA bus trip to Quebec. heartlandsoilcrop.org

July 12: FarmSmart Expo, Elora Research Station

More upcoming events at heartlandsoilcrop.org
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